Vida Roper

Fed with a silver spoon all her life it was inevitable that Vida would marry rich. Devoid of hard work and sacrifice, Vida is the ring leader of the infamous "Sewing Circle" Vida's family aquired their wealth from diamond mining.



Pillar Gardner

Pillar champions her industry as a no nonsense entrepreneur. Being of Persian decent she has always made it of the utmost importance to speak her native tongue and give back to her community.




Derek Bacall

Madolyn's idiot son. Derek is bestowed an estblishment from his father as a means to become an entrepreneur but Derek is having a hard time getting things popping.



Miles Monroe

The lackluster son of Ava D. Monroe. He wants to save the planet with one useless fact after another.



Farah Dupree

Farah Dupree is a friendless millionairess who is to be avoided like the European plague.  She smells and looks like trouble despite her beautiful smile.



Madolyn Bacall

Nicknamed the "monster" Madolyn Bacall has consumed more businesses than any woman in the world. Chief of staff Madolyn Bacall once met Oprah on a flight in first class and they chatted about the bible, homelessness and faking orgasms.



Ava Monroe

Ava is heir to her grandfathers multi-million dollar textile company. Ava would bathe, clothe and feed her sickly, elderly grandfather after school as a teenager while her mother made her way to the worm in the tequila bottle and her father screwed everything that moved. At her grandfathers deathbed his last wish was for Ava to inherit everything and the other family members got zilch.

Desmona Bacall

Artist, musician and activist Desmona Bacall is the blacksheep of the Bacall family. Unlike Derek, Desmona has never seen anything less than a B- since the first grade. She just wants to give the world a great big hug.



Maximillion Gardner

Maximilion is Pillar's husband of 20 yrs. He is as loyal as you can get in all aspects business and personal. Maximilion is the chief manufacturer of goods for multiple High end Shops






Jojo Macintock

Jo Jo graduated magna cum laude, a valedictorian and over achiever Jo Jo pulled a runaway bride leaving her famous quarterback fiancee wifeless at the alter. She's since been drafted by the Infamous Sewing Circle.



Sharon Bentley

A true upper eschelon Grifter. Swimming amongst whales and sharks Sharon has seen it all. Quick witted and ill tempered Sharon is a confidence woman, scammer, swindler and your favorite vagabond's favorite vagabond.

Betram Bacall

Bertram is Madolyns hard working better half. Bertram is a highly sought after Financial Consultant who teaches people that success is never overnight.



Dutch Monroe

Dutch is from a one parent household. His full name is Dutch Archibald and he was the nurse / caretaker of Ava Monroe's grandfather. Spending endless nights together created a special love for the couple. Dutch took on the Monroe last name in honor of his old buddy, Grandpa.